One Million Games Surpassed in Two Months by Quick Hit Football

Quick Hit, Inc. (“Quick Hit”), a leading developer and publisher of premium, free-to-play online sports games, today announced that Quick Hit Football™ has surpassed a million games in less than two months since its public launch. To celebrate this monumental milestone, the company is releasing its first major Update for the game and adding a host of new features, including a powerful new Skills System, favorite play tagging, new coaches, and nearly 20 new plays.

“The response to Quick Hit Football has been tremendous. With more than a million visitors thus far, Quick Hit Football has become one of the largest online football games in the world, and we are looking to make it even better with this Update,” said Jeffrey Anderson, founder and CEO of Quick Hit. “We spent a lot of time interacting with our players to hear what they most wanted to see in the game. As an online game we can make our improvements in real-time, not wait for an annual release. We love the fact that our thriving community has a voice in the evolution of Quick Hit Football.”

The Update’s cornerstone feature is the one-of-a-kind Skills System that adds additional depth, strategy and excitement to Quick Hit Football. Every football fan knows that one of the best parts of the game is watching key players come through in the clutch. Skills give you the ability to call special moves in crucial game time moments. Even better, your players will be able to learn from more than 120 powerful skills as they grow, including:

  • Escape Artist for Quarterbacks to help them avoid the pass rush
  • Sledge Hammer for a Strong Safety to stop a running back dead in his tracks
  • Coffin Corner for Punters to pin the other team deep in their territory
  • Battering Ram for a Wide Receiver to break through press coverage
  • Jail Break for defenders to drive past blockers and hit the ball carrier

In addition to the Skills System, Quick Hit Football has added four new Head Coaches and 20 new plays. The Update also keeps the game easy to play by adding in dozens of other new improvements like tagging your favorite plays. This feature lets users easily find favorite plays – especially in the 4th Quarter when the pressure is on!


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