Treeno Software introduces integration module for QuickBooks Accounting Software

Treeno Software, a proven leader in enterprise content management (ECM), has launched a new integration module for the users of Intuit Inc. well-known QuickBooks business accounting software.

The new module, dubbed the Treeno QuickBooks Connector, integrates with any QuickBooks version between 2008 and 2010 and allows users to link scanned and electronic documents to transactions, vendors and  

companies within QuickBooks files. The application also allows users to automatically index and retrieve documents based on any given QuickBooks record.

While individual companies using QuickBooks can benefit from the integration of Treeno’s award-winning content management system, the new module also supports multiple file scenarios for certified public accountants, bookkeepers and others that may work with multiple user files.

Like all of Treeno’s products, the QuickBooks Connector is available as a hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, and is compatible with any scanner or scanner-capable copy machine.

“QuickBooks is one of the most popular and well-known business accounting software products on the market, but as any business owner knows, accounting is not done in a vacuum. There are electronic files and paper documents and that need to be linked to accounting, and that is where our products shine,” said Will Thibodeau, founder and co-CEO of Treeno Software. “It was a natural fit.”

Treeno’s enterprise content and document management system is already recognized in the financial services industry and recently won a reader’s choice award from The CPA Technology Advisor magazine. The addition of a QuickBooks integration module makes the use of document management even easier for CPAs and other accounting professionals.

Portsmouth, NH-based business development firm Chameleon Group LLC has already leveraged the QuickBooks Connector and reports the product has made their use of QuickBooks more efficient and help sped their invoicing, resulting in faster and more efficient payments from customers.

“ By helping to make our financial reporting more efficient, the QuickBooks Connector has not only been well worth the cost, but is actually making us money by speeding accounts payable,” said Dana Lariviere, President and CEO of Chameleon Group.

The Treeno QuickBooks Connector is available now for U.S. and Canadian versions of QuickBooks 2008 – 2010.
Features include:

• Auto-indexing and retrieval of documents related to the QuickBooks file being viewed
• One click launches Treeno using single sign-on
• Works with Treeno Vault, SaaS, and In-house deployments
• Designed to work with Individual companies or multiple QuickBooks files
• Works with any scanner or scanning-capable copy machine
• Documents can be scanned to an inbox in Treeno or quickly routed using bar codes

System requirements:

• US QuickBooks (2006-2010)
• Canadian QuickBooks (2008-2010)
• Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
• Scanner or scanner-capable copy machine
• An Internet connection and web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox recommended)

In addition to the general availability of the QuickBooks module, Treeno is also offering a partnership program allowing accountant and bookkeepers to earn commissions by acting as channel partners for the QuickBooks connector.


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