Novosoft introduces Handy Backup 6.5

Novosoft, an international IT-consulting and software development company, today announced that the new 6.5 version of Handy Backup will be a major update featuring changes in data indexing engine and a byte-level differential backup capability. The utility is scheduled to be released on January 1, 2010.

"We thought about adding differential backup to Handy Backup for a very long time," said Alexander Prichalov, head of Novosoft development department. "But it wasn’t until we built the first beta that we realized what a powerful tool for enterprise backup it now turns out to be. We are really excited to strengthen Handy Backup’s positions among professional PC backup systems."

Byte-level differential backup is a technology based on binary comparison of data with existing backup, where only new files and changes on modified files are processed. It greatly saves time and drive space required to store backups and enables enterprises to achieve near continuous protection of interactive types of data at minimal costs.

"The very first tests of the utility amazed us with the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of the new method," said Mr. Prichalov. "We’re assured that all customers who use Handy Backup to back up large amounts of data like customer databases or e-mail servers will find the new version useful and beneficial for their businesses.


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