Samsung and Kodak Negotiate Patent Settlement

The holiday spirit seems to have touched both Kodak and Samsung as the two companies have agreed to sit down at the same table and try to reach a settlement regarding their patent disputes. Making the first big step towards ending the courtroom fighting, Samsung has committed to making a non-refundable payment (the sum hasn’t been revealed) to Kodak this year that will be credited toward its future royalty obligations to Kodak.

Last week an ITC (International Trade Commission) judge ruled that Samsung has violated several digital camera patents held by Kodak, thus laying the path for a possible ban on the US import or infringing products made by the South Korean electronics giant. Kodak filed a complaint against Samsung with the ITC back in November 2008.

"We are pleased to continue negotiations in the wake of the ITC determination, and we look forward to reaching a mutually beneficial arrangement that advances the interests of Kodak and Samsung while validating the strength of Kodak’s intellectual property portfolio," said Laura G. Quatela, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company.

The planned settlement is also expected to see the two companies sing a cross license that will provide them with access to a number of each others patents. Once that deal is inked Kodak will drop its charges against Samsung and the two can finally kiss and make up.


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