Super Street Fighter IV: Guy pictures

Capcom finally does tell us more about this game in pictures and details of its next title. So a new set of visuals greets you today.

We knew of its existence in the game for some time now, but he had hitherto never been before, alone. Guy is so new to talk to him and proudly adorned with a series of images that is totally dedicated. The opportunity is found for any Capcom to talk about his game again after the series of images released last week on internships unpublished.

But enough of generality, let see the Guy, who, in addition to being the king of this new gallery will also show its best. The fighter known players in Alpha Street Fighter and Final Fight, offers another tough opponent in the presence of Rose. And of course, Guy has the upper hand, which could be otherwise.

Super Street Fighter IV is expected next year on PS3 and Xbox 360.





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