inQbaby releases Twalky Events Application On iPhone App Store

"The release of TwalkyEvents to the public is perfect timing for the Christmas Holiday season where people around the world are able to share their activities, wishes and photos with their family and friends from the iphone or platform" said Mr David So, Founder and CEO of inQbaby and Chief Twalker. By submitting twalks (like tweets but have opted-in location information so that users can "walk" in addition to "talk" about the event), friends and followers are able to see your activities in real-time.

TwalkyEvents is positioned to capitalize on events where real-time streams help the attendees become more informed and active in participation through the social media features in the application. Mr David So further added, "Now, I can leverage off the synergistic thinkings of all my friends/follows during events through their real-time twalks and at the same time record my private twalks for record keeping".


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