Half-Life 2: Official Multiplayer Benchmarks

AMDZone take a quick look at the new Half-Life 2 multiplayer, and throw in some benchmarks just for fun from their own custom demo. Here’s a slice:
DM_Lockdown was not quite as intensive, but again all the frame rates are stuck at just under 52. This is a bit more playable than Overwatch, but not by a lot.
News source: AMDZone So far our experience playing deathmatch is that it seems quite slow compared to CS Source, and these benchmarks seem to explain why. We will take another look at performance to see what platform is better for HL2 deathmatch to try and have an ultimate HL2 deathmatch rig.

Certainly we are quite happy to see deathmatch released for Half Life 2 besides CS Source, and we remember the fun we had with the original HL deathmatch. We are eager to see new maps and mods spring forth from the game, and certainly we will be playing it at our Texas Gaming Festival lans all over the state next year. Hats off to Valve for making HL2 that much more enjoyable.


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