Photo Retailer Plug-in for VirtueMart Launched by Aurigma

Aurigma, Inc. releases a photo order plug-in for the popular VirtueMart open-source e-commerce system. The plug-in enables photo retailer businesses to use VirtueMart to accept print orders from customers online.Why VirtueMart?

“Ordering photos online is not something as extraordinary as it used to be a few years ago. Online print orders are offered by huge networks and small photo retailers. Online order systems solve a bunch of business objectives and have become a photo retailer industry standard,” says Dmitry Sevostyanov, the photo order plug-in development supervisor. Still, “investing into the development of a bespoke [online print order tool can be pretty hard, especially for startups. It would be nice if there were some open source projects. Sadly, I know none of those. But there’s VirtueMart,” Dmitry adds.

Strictly speaking, VirtueMart does not offer an off-the-peg e-commerce solution for every industry out there. It does not offer a specific solution for photo retailers either. On the other hand, VirtueMart is open-source and expendable with plug-ins. This makes it a great platform for building more specific solutions, such as an online print order systems. That is why Aurigma developers found that VirtueMart provides a great opportunity for turning it into a photo
retailer solution.

The Challenge

Every print order solution needs a tool for uploading multiple photos. Preferably, a tool that was designed with the photo retailer needs in mind. Not surprisingly, one of the best tools on the market is Aurigma Image Uploader. That was yet another reason why Aurigma decided to cater for the photo retailer business needs, releasing the Aurigma Photo Order plug-in.

Apart from integrating the multiple photo uploader into VirtueMart, the plug-in adds e-commerce products specific to photo retailer business. Also, it brings very useful product attributes such as paper size and type, and other features. The plug-in is open source and completely free. It can be tweaked for the needs of every particular photo business. Aurigma readily provides advice thereto.

Getting the Plug-in

Aurigma Photo Order plug-in is available on the VirtueMart extensions web site. It is easy to install and configure as described on the Aurigma Forums. To get it working, web master will just need to deploy VirtueMart, install the plug-in, and get Image Uploader. Note that while the plug-in is open-source and free, Aurigma Image Uploader is a commercial product.


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