New Action Lists 2.2: GTD Task Manager for iPhone release by Daze End Software

Daze End Software today released a new version of Action Lists, their task manager for the iPhone and iPod touch. Action Lists is designed specifically for the popular Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology created by David Allen. Action Lists has many GTD-specific features, and this new version adds user requested features like searching and the ability to create tasks from the contents of the iPhone’s clipboard.

One of the more unique features of Action Lists is that it can "sync to the cloud." Tasks in Action Lists can be synchronized with the popular, and free, Toodledo web service. Through Toodledo, users can synchronize their tasks with a number of different applications and services including Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendars. The ability to sync with Toodledo also offers other benefits such as the transcription of spoken tasks. Services like can transcribe spoken tasks and sync them to a user’s Toodledo account so that they seamlessly appear in the user’s Action Lists Inbox.

Another thing that sets Action Lists apart from the competition, according to Charles Perry, owner of Daze End Software, is that "Action Lists offers a better, faster, way to access your information. In most other ‘to do’ apps for the iPhone, if you’re browsing your tasks by context and you want to look at a project, you have to back out of the several menu items that you had earlier accessed, and then drill down into the project. Not in Action Lists." Action Lists features a tab bar user interface that allows users to access their GTD lists with the tap of a single button on the tab bar.

Action Lists has all the features that one would expect in a task manager such as searchable task lists, and subproject support, but Action Lists also includes GTD-specific features not seen in other task managers for the iPhone, according to Perry. "Users can set up a ‘tickler file’ in Action Lists so that future tasks remain hidden until a specified start date. Then, when the start date is reached, they appear in your inbox, ready for processing." Action Lists also offers the ability to email tasks to others from within the app, and a unique feature that creates a list of tasks from the contents of the iPhone’s clipboard.

"Most of the popular productivity apps for the iPhone support Getting Things Done in some manner," said Perry, "but they do it while trying to still appeal to a general audience. In the process, their GTD support becomes watered down. Action Lists doesn’t make this mistake. It’s designed specifically for GTD, and doesn’t make compromises."

Action Lists is available to be purchased through the iPhone App Store at a price of $9.99 USD. For those that would prefer to "try before you buy," a limited version called Action Lists Lite is available in the App Store for free. App Store promo codes are available upon request for the press to download review copies of Action Lists (U.S. App Store only).

Download Action Lists 2.2


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