Tesline-Service introduces Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.7

Tesline-Service SRL, Moldova software company specializing in PC security solutions today announced that it released Rohos Disk Encryption 1.7., with long time anticipated portable data encryption solution for Windows that gives possibility to work with encrypted data in full on any computer without Admin rights.

Rohos Disk Encryption creates hidden and protected virtual partitions on computer or USB flash drive and uses NIST compliant AES encryption algorithm, 256 bit encryption key length. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.

Robust and best portable partition encryption software has several key benefits over its competitors:

• In-the-fly encryption on PCs without administrative rights
• Connect/disconnect virtual drive by plugging in/off USB key
• Virtual keyboard – protects your encrypted disk password from a keylogger

“The solution provides unsurpassed data security and protection, enabling to exceed our customer’s information privacy expectations with a solution that is both cost effective and easily managed said Alexander Silonosov, General Manager, Tesline-Service. “Portable platforms and removable media remain at the heart of today’s security concerns. We are able to offer our customers the best possible solution to keep their data safe. Rohos Developers have managed to bring portable data encryption security to an exceptional performing level by implementing new technology – File Virtualization

“On the fly” encryption without administrative rights Rohos Disk Encryption allows opening files from Rohos Disk Browser in associated application without first decrypting them into temporary folder. Rohos Disk virtualizes file presence for the application, thus it works with encrypted file by using “on-the-fly” encryption principle:

• Double click any file to open it immediately in associated application and work with it in a regular way.
• Open big files (for instance watch an encrypted AVI file, listen to music).
• There is no ‘un-encrypted’ data traces left behind on a Guest PC or unsecured part of USB flash drive.


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