Intel touts ‘MP3 for 3D’ universal graphics format

Intel, Adobe, Microsoft and more than 30 other companies have said they will co-operate to conjure up a standard for 3D graphics. Dubbed the Universal 3D (U3D) format, the intention is to create a way of encoding 3D data as freely available as MP3 for audio and JPEG for still images. Intel and co.’s goal is to end the array of proprietary 3D graphics formats devised by CAD, 3D and other software developers and replace it with a single, standard format that all can use.

In particular, they hope that such a standard will allow 3D data to be more easily incorporated into other apps, such as web browsers, to make 3D imagery more widespread – and, in turn, boost demand for faster processors and graphics chips. The companies – together known as the 3D Industry Forum (3DIF) – will submit the results of their work to the ISO for ratification as a formal standard. The group said it will work with Ecma, an independent standards developer.

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