FCP Versioner announced by Digital Rebellion

Digital Rebellion LLC, creator of the popular FCS Maintenance Pack for troubleshooting Final Cut Studio, today announced the availability of FCP Versioner, a utility to automatically back up Final Cut Pro projects in XML format and generate changelogs to show modifications between revisions. FCP Versioner is an essential tool in managing Final Cut Pro projects, providing feedback to producers and ensuring that projects are safely backed up in case of disaster.

FCP Versioner automatically generates an XML copy of a project file or sequence whenever the project is saved, offering a more resilient backup than a standard Final Cut Pro project and providing the ability to receive information about changes between revisions. Backups can be easily restored to Final Cut Pro simply by double-clicking them.

In addition, Versioner offers a wealth of options for managing backups to ensure they don’t consume too much disk space. Rather than simply keeping a certain number of total backups, which may not be fully representative of the day’s work, Versioner can choose to keep a certain number per day, week or month, allowing you to see much further back in time while minimizing disk usage.

FCP Versioner offers three main advantages over more general backup solutions and the autosave feature in Final Cut Pro:

  1. It gives a list of changes rather than just a filename or date
  2. It saves the project as XML, providing a plain-text version for safety and compatibility
  3. It offers flexible backup management options to ease disk usage

Key Features:

  • Automatically creates a backup every time a Final Cut Pro project is saved
  • Each backup has a changelog listing exactly what changed between revisions
  • Backups are in XML format which has durability and compatibility advantages over FCP project files
  • Flexible backup management options to fully customize how older backups are purged
  • Autosaves the project file at specified intervals

Pricing and Availability:
FCP Versioner is available for $59 (USD) retail, with student and volume licensing discounts available. A fully-functional 15 day trial is available to give users a complete taste of the software’s capabilities. More details about FCP Versioner, including a user manual and trial download link, are available on their website.


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