Psychodiagnostics launches ADHD / ADD internet-based technology

Rockville, MD – Psychodiagnostics, Ltd., is the world’s rapidly growing
manufacturer of professional psychological diagnostic software systems,
announced  its new, innovative internet-based Continuous Performance
Test System, a telemedicine tool supporting the diagnosis of Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The system enables kids and
parents to test for ADHD symptoms and attention function from the
privacy of their homes. The test results are available immediately upon
completion, and may offer information about additional assessments and
treatment planning.

The system was developed by scientists and clinicians in the area of
child and adult ADHD research, lead by Prof. Yair Bar Haim, Department
of Psychology, Tel Aviv University and Dr. Orrie Dan Department of
Psychology University of Haifa.

"The primary target of Psychodiagnostics Ltd. is the development of
professional internet-based neuropsychological assessments. We at
Psychodiagnostics believe that parents and children alike should have
easy and affordable access to accurate and professional
neuropsychological information concerning their well being. We also
believe that professionals should have easy access to valid and
reliable tools for neuropsychological testing" said Prof Yair Bar Haim

"The system was designed to allow parents and professionals to obtain a
preliminary and reliable assessment of the likelihood that a child or
patient suffers from ADHD. The main idea behind the system is not
trying to replace the diagnostic procedure conducted by practicing
professionals but rather add another layer of information before
actually contacting a Doctor," said Dr. Orrie Dan


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