DAILY RFID launches UHF RRU9183A RFID Portable Reader

DAILY RFID has released its new UHF(860~960MHz) RRU9183A RFID Portable Reader for industrial and harsh environments. Designed as a multi-function portable reader, it ensures fast and highly reliable data communication.

The light weight RRU9183A RFID Portable reader delivers high performance for information management and collection. In addition, the working environment is using Windows CE 5.0 operating system to provide an advanced mobile operating system.

This RRU9183A Handheld RFID Reader features a memory capacity of 128 MB SDRAM, a flash memory capacity of 128 MB Flash ROM and a read range of up to 120cm (4 feet maximum). Besides, it features low power consumption. Its 4400mAh battery (removable, rechargeable) provides a long operate time for mobile applications.

For responding to meet the specific need of the users, the well-design RRU9183A RFID Handheld Reader is a high performance reader with a user-friendly design. The RFID Reader with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS is an ideal choice for variety applications, such as warehouse management, pallet logistics, luggage handling and inventory management, etc.


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