Final fantasy crystal chronicles: The cyrstal bearers now available

The publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES®: THE CRYSTAL BEARERS® arrived at North American retailers today. An action adventure developed exclusively for Wii(TM), Square Enix delivers an unforgettable addition to the CRYSTAL CHRONICLES universe this holiday season.

The CRYSTAL CHRONICLES franchise enters the action-adventure genre for the first time with FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: THE CRYSTAL BEARERS. Combining in-depth storytelling and an expansive world with motion-driven, real-time gameplay, this title allows players to freely explore and interact with a vibrant game world.

Continuing the strong tradition of graphical excellence in the FINAL FANTASY series, the game melds realistic gameplay and fantastical art direction. FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: THE CRYSTAL BEARERS is a unique experience for this holiday season and accessible to gamers of all levels.


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