Top Floor Technologies Becomes Favorite Place on Google

Top Floor Technologies, a web development and search engine marketing firm based in New Berlin, recently became a Favorite Place on Google. The search engine giant grants the designation to companies whose Google Local Business Center listing has had a certain level of interaction by users (i.e. requests for directions or clicks for more information) and is considered somewhat of a ‘seal of approval’ from Google, as it has been given to only about 100,000 business.

Top Floor was also recently named a Google Adwords Qualified Company, Google’s certification for companies who posess expertise and experience managing Google’s paid advertising campaigns, and the Favorite Place moniker is considered icing on the cake for Top Floor’s search engine marketing efforts.

"Considering there are only 100,000 places that were picked based on Google’s algorithm, it means that we have a strong local online presence," said Adam Chubak, one of Top Floor’s Interactive Marketing Specialists. "That 100,000 number seems big, but it represents less than 1% of their database. So we are in the top 1%."

Setting up a Google Local Business Center listing within Google Maps is free and creates an opportunity for businesses to show up within Google’s search results for area-specific searches. So in Top Floor’s case, a search in Google for "search engine marketing in New Berlin" may pull up a map with related businesses in New Berlin, including Top Floor’s Local Business Center listing plotted on the map. Users can then click on Top Floor’s pin and view information about Top Floor, including contact information, user-submitted reviews and links to other sites that refer to Top Floor.

While the Favorite Place label represents primarily popularity within Google’s Local Business Center, it may offer an opportunity to add equity to a growing brand that Top Floor has been building over ten years. Asked what this might mean for Top Floor’s ability to grow, Chubak was modest:

"At this point it’s anyone’s guess, but I can say one thing for sure; it means that we are moving in all the right directions."

On the other hand, anything from Google telling you that you’re doing the right thing is always welcome, especially for search engine marketing firms.

"Even though this is designed primarily for local listings and marketing, we see it as a great springboard to continue to expand and gain clients across the nation," said Chubak.


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