Thunderbird email programme with new features

The email programme Thunderbird is available in a new, highly revised version, its developer Mozilla Messaging has announced. Thunderbird 3.0, an open-source email client, includes more than 2,000 revisions and improvements, according to the California-based company which is also behind the Firefox browser. Among them are new search functions that allow the user to filter results by tabs, similar to the way a web browser presents search results.

Similarly, users who work on several emails at a time can take advantage of tabs, which allow new ways to archive email. In addition Mozilla Messaging said Thunderbird 3.0 promises more security than previous versions and the software’s spam filter has been overhauled.

Thunderbird users had a long wait for the new version. The revisions took more than two years. The free software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and supports about 50 languages.


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