Songbird goes into version 1.4

The proponents of open source music player Songbird can now download a new version, 1.4.3. The development team stated that it incorporated new codecs worked and stability software. More importantly, new functions are emerging.

An add-on (Windows only as well) can manage and synchronize the contents of some mobile terminals compatible MSC (Mass Storage Class), as the Nokia N900, the HTC Hero, the Motorola Droid (both as Android) or the Palm Pre.

New skin

Songbird can now "rip" a CD, thanks to an add, available for Windows only for now (Mac coming soon). Discs can be extracted to FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or WMA, at different speeds.

The last Songbird is also presented with a new look, dubbed Purple Rain, knowing that it can be changed through other subjects.

The Songbird team announcement for the next version, management of video and complete compatibility with Windows 7, knowing that the version we have installed seemed to work properly with the latest Windows family.


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