Twitter bans 370 passwords

To encourage users to be more imaginative in their choice of password that provides access to their account, the microblogging site has compiled a blacklist of those that will not accept.

A password is supposed to protect access to a service. But through negligence or fear of not being able to remember, many users simply choose the very basic: 123456 combination still has too many followers.

Twitter has decided to take matters in hand. So finally, the microblogging site has compiled a list of passwords that are no longer accepted for secure access to accounts. It lists 370.

It seems difficult to see the logic that led to this inventory. Passwords consist of a repetition of single letter, as "aaaaaa" or "zzzzzz", are no longer accepted. The words "too obvious" appears in the registration form when a user tries to use it.

However the password "bbbbbb", which does not resist further assaults from a hacker, is not there. This is always recognized as a password but the words "low" is displayed.

The list includes names as diverse (Andrew, Nichole, Robert, Sandra …), city names, brands of car (Mercedes, Ferrari), comic book heroes and various terms more "daring", which are probably very popular with surfers.


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