iPod Classic and Nano now on the list of ereaders

While the Kindle, nook and Sony eReader are working to introduce themselves to the marketplace, the newest eReader comes to the table with an already established base of over 100 million users world-wide and, for many, a price far more agreeable … $0.

Add "eReader" to the list of features found with your iPod Classic, nano and Video. Offering interactive text, a color screen and an option to play video, all within the iPod’s "Notes" feature, the iPod offers readers a more interactive and engaging experience than that found with existing eReaders.

The driving force behind this are the new "Notescasts"(R), digital books downloaded to the "Notes" feature included with nearly every iPod in use world-wide today. Developed by TimeStream Software, Notescasts go beyond conventional eBooks by including interactive text, much of which is linked to related color photos, video, audio or additional information. As an example, TimeStream Software’s 200 page "Walt Disney World Guide" Notescast links to nearly 150 corresponding colorful photos throughout the text.

"I think iPod owners are going to be pleased to know they already own an eReader and don’t have to buy a new one for $260 or more." said Mike Westby of TimeStream Software. "Even better, their existing iPods offer superior music, video and color screen capability over that found with other eReaders on the market."

iPod owners are downloading free and $0.99 cent Notescasts from a growing list of titles covering a broad range of topics, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Top 10 Yosemite Hikes, a Guide to Glacier National Park, Cycling Guides, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World Secrets, Disneyland Guide and more. Downloads are available from the Notescasts web site.

Compatible with iPod Classic, iPod Video and iPod nano – Windows and Macintosh formatted.


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