D-Link introduces Worldwide Certification Program

D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for businesses and consumers, announced the launch of its worldwide certification program for its channel partners, aimed at enhancing their knowledge of industry standard networking technologies and D-Link products and solutions.

D-Link Certification Program is offered at two levels. Level one is for D-Link Certified Specialist (DCS), and level two is for D-Link Certified Professional (DCP).

The DCS certification is aimed at equipping technicians, sales and presales people to help them understand D-Link products and how to promote them. In order to be DCS certified, candidates need to pass the DCS on-line written exam.

The DCP certification is aimed at technicians, engineers and technical support staff who have attained the DCS certification and wish to pursue more in-depth understanding of D-Link products/ solutions. The DCP certification helps participants understand the how-to of supporting and operating D-Link products, which includes installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting. In order to be DCP certified, candidates will need to pass the DCP on-line written exam as well as a hands-on Lab test.

"It has been our constant endeavor to educate & update channel partners on all the latest technology/ solution from D-Link. Since in today’s highly competitive marketplace, one of the best ways to meet customers needs is to offer dedicated services that will enable them to achieve greater value for their money. By developing long-term relationships they can build higher customer satisfaction," said Mr. Raj Jadhav, VP-Solution Consulting, Tech support & IT, D-Link (India) Ltd.

Mr. Jadhav further added, "D-Link certification program is a unique & interactive e-learning tool from D-Link, which ensures partners are updated on all technological development. D-Link Certification validates a person’s proven experience and knowledge of industry technologies and competency in using and supporting D-Link products and solutions."

The D-Link Certification Program is designed to enable channel partners to confidently support solutions of different business sectors independently without requiring first level technical support.

Achievers of D-Link Certifications can achieve both customer and self-confidence, knowing he or she is equipped with the required knowledge. Whether the achiever is new in the industry or a seasoned IT professional, becoming certified demonstrates to customers, peers, and employers the commitment of advancing oneself with essential skills to take on greater challenges. Achieving D-Link certifications also means getting connected to the global network of certified specialists and/or professionals, and receiving greater benefits from D-Link.

Presently, the DCS certification is made up of the following curriculum:

  • DCS-Network Storage
  • DCS-Security
  • DCS-Switch
  • DCS-WLAN (Wireless LAN)
  • DCS-IP Surveillance


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