Apple TV fails to survive says Fast company

Under the heading, "Gadget Flops of the Decade: 10 Devices That Didn’t Survive the Aughties," Fast Company inexplicably lists the Apple TV which today remains on sale in thousands of brick and mortar locations and, of course, online.

Fast Company reports, "While not as big of a flop as some of the other dud devices of the decade, the Apple TV hasn’t been as wildly successful–neither financially nor in terms of mindshare–as Apple’s other iconic products of the decade (everything from the iPhone to the iMac and the Nano). The device lets you rent and buy TV shows and movies off of iTunes, as well as stream your PC’s photos, music, and other media on any TV in the house. But it’s sadly lacking in non-iTunes options other than YouTube, something that makes it a hampered choice when compared with broader offerings on Windows 7 PCs, Xbox 360, Tivo, Boxee, and even plain old Macs. But things may be looking up for the flat-little-media-extender-from-Cupertino (a dead ringer for the MacMini, looks-wise). Apple doesn’t give out sales figures for the Apple TV, but earlier this year it reported that sales had tripled over the previous year. And with a few tweaks to the product, Apple could easily resurrect this one for the 10s."


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