Midnight Club Los Angeles full version dated

To revive the title and give him a second youth, Rockstar has chosen to market a new version of the game

Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete is available on the shelves next January 8 on PS3 and Xbox 360. This version will embark on board the original game as well as five additional packs and patches. This island of DLC is not surprise to increase the lifespan of the title. For the modest sum of 2,500 INR, it will be possible to get the full game.

Is this a good deal? Difficult to say because the normal is now available for sale from EUR 1,500 INR. The South Central Premium Upgrade is available at a price of 800 MS points, or 800 INR. An economy is possible, though relatively low. However, a practical aspect it should wait for Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete.

Everything will be contained on a single disc, it is not necessary to have an Internet connection to fully enjoy the title. The DLC is worth the candle? Certainly, it extends the area of play more than one third, add a hundred races and nine additional vehicles.

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