Reaching Gold Cap Course released by WoW Schools

On January 5, 2010 WoW Schools is releasing a highly anticipated Reaching Gold Cap Course that teaches players how to reach the infamous World of Warcraft gold cap. The course is compromised of strategic lessons that provide players with the knowledge they need to make intelligent in game decisions to maximize gold.

Gold guides have existed for many years and the release of this course marks a first for the WoW gaming community. While many gold guides offer valuable tips to players none offer a step by step lesson plan designed to reach a set gold amount.

With the WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course players receive instructions that lead them from zero all the way to gold cap, which is currently 214,000 some gold. Another distinction of the course from gold guides is the fact that the course can be successfully completed with using only a level one character.

The developers of World of Warcraft have continually added in game content that has increased not only a need for players to constantly upgrade their gear, but also to increase the size of their virtual bank accounts. Items like bags, mounts, and even exotic non-combat pets are just a few of the items players spend their gold on in order to stay up to speed with the latest content releases.

In a recent interview John Hunter from WoW Schools stated, “I don’t think it’s a deterrent for players to have to worry about making a lot of gold, in fact most of them don’t and unfortunately just do without. One of the things we do at WoW Schools is to teach players how to earn a lot of gold in a very fast and efficient way so that they can spend their time playing and doing what they like to do in game. Recently we’ve seen Blizzard push a lot of items through into the game that are there solely for the fun factor or to show off. It’s becoming more and more important to players to have the best mounts, epic gear, even exotic non-combat pets and we actually find this quite exciting. We have had great success with our gold cap course in helping these players get the gold they want and need.”


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