Pervidi Safety Inspection Management Version 5.2 released by Techs4Biz

Techs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities, announces the launch of Pervidi Safety Inspection Management version 5.20; the next generation of the company’s Inspection and Safety Management Solution:

Pervidi Safety Inspection Management automates all aspects of safety and compliance activities, including electronic field inspections, dynamic forms and checklists, dynamic deficiencies, automated corrective actions, notifications, and management reporting.

“Specifically focused on addressing safety risks and managing possible safety violations, Pervidi is perfectly suited to record, track, mitigate and manage safety issues.” explains Mr. Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz’ CTO.

OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2009 indicate an increase of almost 30% over the same time period in 2008:

  1. Scaffolding – 9,093 violations
  2. Fall Protection – 6,771 violations
  3. Hazard Communication – 6,378 violations
  4. Respiratory Protection – 3,803 violations
  5. Lockout-Tag out – 3,321 violations
  6. Electrical (Wiring) – 3,079 violations
  7. Ladders – 3,072 violations
  8. Powered Industrial Trucks – 2,993 violations
  9. Electrical – 2,556 violations
  10. Machine Guarding – 2,364 violations

These violations have cost many companies vast amounts of money in penalty fines, work-loss, and worker compensation. Pervidi enables users to quickly identify and correct these and other violations: “’Out-of-the-box’, Pervidi includes a detailed list of recommended inspections and deficiencies related to a large variety of safety issues. Users can review, modify and adjust these lists for their specific needs, enabling Pervidi to track and manage ANY TYPE of field inspection.” says Mr. Shibi.

Pervidi includes numerous components, each designed specifically for the appropriate user level:

  • PDA/Handheld devices enable field inspectors to record inspections, deficiencies, violations and corrective actions in the field, including pre-set pick-lists, picture-taking and image ‘doodling’, electronic signatures, bar-coding, voice-tags, timestamps, GPS, and wireless connectivity.
  • Web Portal, enabling any user with a Web Browser to access their schedule, inspections, results, and reports.
  • Management Software – including over 200 management and Key-Performance-Indicator reports.
  • Trigger engine – for automatic emails, notifications, and alerts.

Pervidi is used by a variety of organizations including:

  • Safety inspectors, auditors and service providers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospital and biomedical service providers
  • Government and space agencies

Pervidi can be configured based on a combination of specific standards and internal company policies and procedures, hence delivering the exact solution that each organization requires.
Pervidi seamlessly connects with ERP systems and other downstream applications: “linking Pervidi with existing systems enables organizations to maintain their legacy or corporate systems while utilizing Pervidi’s powerful handheld application and web portal.” says Mr. Shibi.

Pervidi version 5.20 is available immediately and will come as the standard platform for all future customers


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