Dish Hopper upcoming highly feature Set Top for your DVR System

Dish Hopper upcoming highly feature Set Top for your DVR System

DISH Network has recently announced the Hopper, a set-top box designed to be the hub of a whole-home DVR system. With a 2 Terabyte hard drive and 3 satellite tuners it provides full DVR functionality to other TVs in the home through thin client receivers called Joeys. The Hopper has many useful features, which include: predictive search; SRS TruVolume technology; SiriusXM and Pandora Radio, Dish is the only company to offer a Pandora Radio app on their set-top boxes; 3D VOD titles; and a remote controller locator, if the remote is misplaced. The Hopper has also an exclusive feature, PrimeTime Anytime, which records up to four hours of primetime television on all four major networks (FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC) every night, allowing OnDemand access to these programs for up to 8 days afterwards. These do not take up personal DVR space, but can be saved to the DVR to keep beyond the 8 days of availability.

The Hopper has a massive 2 Terabyte hard drive that can store over 250 hours of HD recording and hundreds of OnDemand titles available for instant viewing. With the Hopper whole-home DVR system you can watch or record up to 3 live HD programs at once, from any TV connected to the whole-home network. With PrimeTime Anytime it acn record up to 6 programs during primetime hours in your area. The Hopper, stretches even further to provide users with more: viewers have access to weather forecasts, news, and sport results; they can even play games, like Blackjack and Poker Texas Hold’em. These apps as well as many others are embedded in the system so one can obtain quick information on local or world events or play a few games. Also with the Hopper, one will have Blockbuster @Home feature, which gives access to many Blockbuster movies.

With TV Everywhere you can even take all of your programs and DVR recordings anywhere you go. Connecting a Sling adapter to your Hopper allows you to access your TV and DVR from your phone (Sling apps are available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market) or any internet connected device. Dish Remote Access allows you to access and control your DVR from a phone or computer, so you never have to worry about forgetting to set you DVR again.




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