MSI Unveils MSI GT60 and MSI GT70 Ultimate Gaming Laptops

MSI Unveils MSI GT60 and MSI GT70 Ultimate Gaming Laptops

MSI is rolling out the GT60 and GT70 at CeBIT 2012—the most awesome gaming notebooks ever. They just won the praise from Laptop Magazine as CeBIT 2012’s 10 Most Interesting Gadgets, and pack latest Intel’s Core i7 quad core processor, the Super RAID Dual SSD, which boasts the fastest read-write speed of any dual solid state drive ever, the professional grade Bigfoot Gaming LAN( Killer Gaming Networking)and a SteelSeries gaming keyboard. They even come with cutting-edge surround sound courtesy of the perfect marriage of MSI’s own Audio Boost solution and Dynaudio sound technology.


The GT60, GT70, are the top battle laptops on the planet today and are the top choice of top players around the world (Top player, top choice!). Not only do they feature the epoch-marking processor and discrete graphics cards, they also come with unparalleled peripherals, such as professional Steelseries keyboards, industry-leading professional grade Bigfoot Gaming LAN( Killer Gaming Networking),the world’s fastest read-write Super RAID Dual SSD, and up to 32G of memory, to meet the needs of serious gamers the world over.



The powerful MSI GT60 and GT70 use MSI’s own Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology, so just one touch of the luminescent TDE hotkey located above the keyboard instantly revs up performance.


MSI’s GT60 and GT70 come equipped with four DDR3 memory slots for up to 32GB of memory. They also feature MSI’s own Super RAID technology with dual SSD optional. Using accelerated dual solid state drive (SSD) architecture not only gives these machines twice the storage capacity, it also cranks up read speed by some 300% over traditional HDD Raid 0. (See table below) In addition to booting up more quickly, it more than satisfies the demand for faster reading capabilities required for the battle scenes and awesome effects of the latest games out there, giving you an edge in the thick of combat.


MSI has heard your calls for equipment designed with the gamer in mind. As such, we got together with SteelSeries, the leader in gaming peripherals, to create a new generation keyboard for the MSI GT60 and GT70. And they can lets you choose from among five keyboard backlighting scenarios—Normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing, and Dual Color, that can be used in coordination with variable section lighting, and seven colors offering over 1,000 variations. Gamers will also appreciate the fact that when you depress the Gaming Mode hotkey, the frequently used W, A, S, D, and Ctrl keys located on the left side of the keyboard are all backlit in LED while the rest of the keyboard stays dark. This allows you to quickly find the key you’re looking for, so you can remain focused on the rapidly


Nothing is worse than losing to opponents in online games, because of slow transmission speeds. The record-breaking, new generation MSI GT60 and GT70 gaming laptops come equipped with Bigfoot Gaming LAN( Killer Gaming Networking)to give you blazing online transmission speeds that are faster than regular LAN, reducing latency/ping time for a hiccup-free online gaming experience and effectively eliminating incorrect commands resulting from game lag, greatly increasing your chances of coming out on top online.


The GT60 and GT70 come with USB3.0 which boasts transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps—10 times faster than USB2.0, so a 25Gb HD film transfers in just 70 seconds. It also provides 80% more power for vastly faster charging speeds for external hard drives, flash drives, and other handheld electronic devices.



The aluminum chassis of MSI’s meticulously designed new generation gaming laptops feature a brush finish which serves to connect each detail in the overall design, underscoring the envelope-pushing technology and style of these professional-grade machines. The GT60 and GT70 sport anti-glare full HD screens which are 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch in size, respectively, for the best possible visuals. The 720p, 30 fps HD webcam gives you smooth video and impeccable resolution when conferencing with friends and family.


MSI worked in close collaboration with specialists at Denmark’s world-renowned sound system designing firm Dynaudio to further enhance Dynaudio sound technology. Vast amounts of study and countless calculations went into determining ideal speaker locations to obtain obstruction-free sound transmission.


To give you unequaled surround stereo sound, the GT60 and GT70 gaming laptops employ MSI Audio Boost solution technology to bring next-generation Dynaudio sound technology to an even higher level of perfection. The audio output employs a gold flash audio jack, which although expensive, is the best conductor there is. It also prevents oxidation, enhances transmission efficiency, and reduces noise, endowing the GT60 and GT70 with crisp, clear, high fidelity stereo sound. In addition, the built-in earphone AMP even gives headsets superior acoustics, so you experience stereo sound to give you a sense of space and directions when playing and no lag when listening to game sounds or when talking with teammates. It doesn’t get any better than this.




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