Hazel Media Announced MobQuery for Indian BlackBerry Smartphones Users

Hazel Media Announced MobQuery for Indian BlackBerry Smartphones Users

Hazel Media, a mobile technology firm, today announced the launch of its enterprise product platform “MobQuery” to enable collection and management of data using mobile devices at Convergence India 2012. This launch is in line with Hazel Media’s strategy to ease data collection, management and analysis for enterprises. The product system operates across BlackBerry, Android, J2ME (Java) and Windows Phone platforms including the Aakash Android tablet that was launched last year. MobQuery enables an enterprise to easily manage huge amounts of data (hundreds of millions of information points about users, customers, resources, or research targets, flowing in and out all the time, comparable to the complexity of Twitter or Facebook, but in Data Management domain). Further, mPustak, a language enabler on mobile can facilitate data management in multiple languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Arabic, Swahili, Thai, Malay, and many other languages even if the mobile phone or tablet doesn’t support Unicode or fonts.

This enterprise platform can be utilized for market research, infrastructure and inventory management, site surveys, financial management, pharmaceuticals, and any kind of scenarios that require collection and management of vast amounts of information involving hundreds of millions of data points. MobQuery utilizes scalable cloud architecture to achieve fast retrieval and storage timings, while maintaining data consistency. This means real-time operational ease for multiple users. The scalability rooted in the MobQuery architecture makes it possible for organizations of any size and project requirements to customize MobQuery for project-wise usage. MobQuery is successfully powering its first few projects across India. One of them works with a large number of BlackBerry smartphones for data collection across villages of the Indian state of Bihar.

Site Surveys & Research with BlackBerry

MobQuery powers a large-scale information collection and analysis project in the Indian state of Bihar. For the unique set of requirements, MobQuery is used in conjunction with hundreds of BlackBerry mobile devices. MobQuery utilizes BlackBerry platforms always-available and secure data transmission capabilities to instantly collate huge amounts of data to central locations and process them for analysis and reporting. Users are able to use their BlackBerry smartphones to interact with the MobQuery system entirely in Hindi language (a capability added by built-in mPustak support in MobQuery) on their mobile screens, including data collection and graphical reports and charts customized for the smaller form factor. MobQuery utilizes the platform’s built-in capabilities, like BlackBerry’s built-in data compression and Push capabilities, to make it possible for a large number of devices to transmit only the minimum requisite amount of data and save on bandwidth costs.

Infrastructure and Resource Management

Another deployment of MobQuery at a social enterprise business, I Say Organic, which offers free home delivery of organic vegetables at affordable rates, is used to manage the entire infrastructure, stock and inventory movements and customer interaction data in an instantly scalable cloud structure, with next steps involving Android tablet deployments in the field.


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