Defense Zone Game in HD for Android is available now

Defense Zone Game in HD for Android is available now

Defense Zone offers the Android users a thrilling Tower Defense experience in HD resolution. This game does not have any drawbacks typical for this genre! To begin with, the backdrops are not at all boring – the action takes place on beautiful detailed landscapes with various elements, which can be used in defense schemes. Moreover, the game is thoroughly balanced: as the player gets more resources and weapons, the enemy attacks become more powerful and massive. A special algorithm generates the attacks, making each one more challenging than the previous, and therefore the player is always on the alert.

As for the weapons, there is a good variety of them. Each turret has special characteristics, such as firepower, rate of fire, firing range, blast radius and price. However, none of them can be called a “superweapon”. In brief, it means that no weapon will guarantee easy victory. Only smart combinations of several strategically placed turrets will wipe out the enemy units. And that is another advantage of Defense Zone over ordinary Tower Defense games – each level, even in the Easy Mode, requires strategic thinking. Defense Zone supports OpenFeint, so that the players can compare their results. By the way, quick completion of levels and remaining lives give additional scores. That is why it is always possible to improve the best result.

Before purchasing the full-featured version it is possible to try Defense Zone Lite for free. The Lite version features 2 levels.


  • HD resolution, detailed backdrops and impressive visuals;
  • addictive gameplay with balanced levels;
  • weapons with different characteristics;
  • varied landscape;
  • strategic thinking involved;
  • OpenFeint supported;
  • rated 12+.


Pricing and Availability

  • Defense Zone HD 1.4 for Android is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (Android 2.2 or later). The full version costs 2.99 USD; the Lite version is free of charge.


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