AT&T Adworks and Turn Announce Secure, Private Cloud-based Audience Management Platform

AT&T Adworks and Turn Announce Secure, Private Cloud-based Audience Management Platform

AT&T AdWorks and Turn today announced a new audience management platform that will use Turn’s leading targeting and cross-channel media technology to help AT&T AdWorks’ clients better reach their audiences. The jointly developed platform stores anonymous AT&T data within a private cloud, which protects consumer privacy by encrypting all data that leaves the private cloud.


The platform employs Turn’s campaign management, ad serving and data management capabilities. As a top five* ad network, AT&T AdWorks has access to 450 billion** available monthly impressions – reaching approximately 84% of worldwide online audience. Overlaying our demographic, contextual, behavioral and search audience targeting, AT&T AdWorks helps advertisers effectively reach their target audiences.


“AT&T AdWorks’ main goal is to help our clients effectively connect with their target audience,” said Joshua Koran, VP Digital Product Management, Research and Data, AT&T AdWorks. “This new platform will strengthen our audience targeting capabilities, providing even greater value to our clients. None of the data we store on the Turn systems is personally-identifiable, and as an extra measure of protection we encrypt it before it leaves the AT&T firewall.”


“We are pleased to work with AT&T AdWorks and contribute our experience in building Internet-scale advertising solutions to this important project,” said Bill Demas, president and chief executive officer, Turn. “Built on our leading privacy compliant, brand-safety controls, this platform expands our ability to help agencies and advertisers ensure consumer privacy as they execute cross-channel campaigns.”




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