Sony Computer Entertainment Initiates Open Beta Of Development Program For Playstation Suite

Sony Computer Entertainment Initiates Open Beta Of Development Program For Playstation Suite

Open Beta Version of PlayStation Suite SDK Now Publicly Available for Free. Program Streamlines Content Development Environment and Expands the World of PlayStation to Open Operating System Based Portable Devices.


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced that the open beta of Developer Program for PlayStation Suite (PS Suite) is available to the public starting today. The PS Suite initiative delivers the world of PlayStation  to open operating system based portable devices.


With the aim of offering a more streamlined development environment for creating content for portable devices, Developer Program for PS Suite provides developers with an early version of PlayStation Suite SDK (PS Suite SDK) *1 before the official launch later this year. Developers are also able to receive technical support from SCE through the developers forum where developers can exchange useful information *2.


Starting today, SCE will release the open beta version of PS Suite SDK (free of charge) through Developer Program for PS Suite (Open Beta). With the open beta version of PS Suite SDK, developers can conduct performance verification of their content on PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) in addition to PS Certified devices. The open beta version of PS Suite SDK incorporates a 2D graphics game engine and 2D physical engine, as well as a variety of content samples which utilize these libraries, in order to help developers create content that is optimized for portable devices. (Please refer to the special site link for more information)


In close collaboration with its business partners, SCE will further accelerate the expansion of PlayStation Certified (PS Certified)*3 devices. SCE will also release the official version of PS Suite SDK along with the official launch of Developer Program for PlayStation Suite later this year. The official development program will allow developers to distribute their content through PlayStation Store*4 on a commercial basis, after completing the license agreement with SCE ($99 US annually) *5.


SCE will further expand the PlayStation entertainment experience on an open operating system, through PS Suite, in the fast evolving mobile market.

  • A set of development tools and software libraries for PS Suite.
  • Developers need to sign in with a Sony Entertainment Network(SEN)account to post comments in the developers forum or conduct performance verification on PS Vita.
  • The license program to expand PS Suite, dedicated for portable hardware manufacturers. SCE will not only license logos but also provide necessary development support. As of April 19, 2012, the line-up of PlayStation Certified devices include Xperia  arc, Xperia  acro,Xperia  PLAY, Xperia  acro HD, Xperia  S, Xperia  ion from Sony Mobile Communications AB, and “Sony Tablet” S and “Sony Tablet” P from Sony Corporation. Model name may vary by region. Sales area may vary by model.
  • Users can download vast digital content including games through PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP, PS Vita and PS Certified devices.
  • The license fee differs by countries or regions. The phased rollout of target countries or region will be announced later when ready. After closing the license agreement, developers are able to use PS Suite SDK and conduct verification on PS Certified devices and PS Vita to distribute their content on PS Store. PS Suite SDK itself is available free of charge.




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