MSI H61 (G3): the Fastest Intel-based H61 motherboards

MSI H61 (G3): the Fastest Intel-based H61 motherboards

The Best DDR3 Speed in the world – 2400MHz.


MSI announces that its Intel-based H61 (G3) series now offers the latest ME8 BIOS and Driver with support for 3rd generation Intel 22nm processors. Its Intel H61 motherboards are also the fastest in the world, with DDR3 memory support up to 2400MHz. With its solid R&D ability, MSI has created H61 motherboards with superior efficiency that is the best choice for users wishing to upgrade to next-generation 22nm processors from Intel.


As a commitment to long-time MSI users, MSI releases the ME8 upgrade package and related upgrade guide for the most robust update solution, allowing consumers of MSI H61 (G3) / Z68 (G3) motherboards to easily adopt the latest Intel 22nm processor. This solution offers amazing DDR3 memory speeds of up to 2400MHz, efficiency never seen before. Additionally, this upgrade supports Intel Rapid Start Technology and Intel Smart Connect Technology, both found only in the Intel 7 series chipset. With support for five major upgrades including Xeon series processors for the Intel server and UEFI PXE Boot, long-time MSI customer stand to benefit greatly. MSI will also roll out upgrade solutions for users of other Intel 6-Series chipset boards in the coming months to meet consumer demand.



To learn more about MSI’s support for new generation Intel 22nm processors, please visit the following website:




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