Fujitsu Announces Global Enterprise Management Services for SAP Solutions

Fujitsu Announces Global Enterprise Management Services for SAP Solutions

Fujitsu today announced the launch of its latest service offering, Global Enterprise Management Services (GEMS) for SAP solutions, at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, being held here May 14-16.


GEMS provides a global industrialized model for the delivery of support and infrastructure services for SAP solutions within Fujitsu datacenters. It integrates Fujitsu’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) virtualized enterprise cloud-enabled platform with its Global Delivery Centers and SAP solution-focused service centers. With GEMS, the Fujitsu Global Network is available and securely provisioned through Fujitsu’s globally distributed access points to provide clients with global connectivity. Fujitsu’s strong relationship with SAP AG in providing business solutions boosts the productivity and efficiency of organizations worldwide.


“Our unique distributed delivery platform and proven concepts and tools utilize the best and most cost effective resources. Using our Global Delivery Centers with their highly competitive capabilities puts us in an ideal position to meet our global customers’ requirements,” said Tom Hayes, senior vice president of Fujitsu’s Applications of International Business. “Customers should expect high-quality, fit-for-purpose IT services at the lowest price point. Maintaining service levels that support customers’ operations – within their local regions and globally – is still a priority.”


Fujitsu also received a 2012 SAP Pinnacle award in the category “Technology Innovator of the Year Award,” and therefore received an exclusive invitation to join this year’s SAP Leadership Forum, being held at SAPPHIRE NOW. The forum brings together an exclusive group of executives from SAP’s top customers, prospects and partner organizations, providing an opportunity to network and exchange business ideas. Fujitsu will receive its 2012 SAP Pinnacle award during the forum.




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