Software Catalysts announced the new release of SQA Complete

Software Catalysts LLC, leading provider of automated IT solutions and infrastructure services that improve software quality and the development process, today announced the new release of SQA Complete, a full-lifecycle quality platform for ensuring secure, reliable, compliant business processes. To support organizations facing the complexities inherent in business process and system integration testing, Software Catalysts helps organizations prevent errors involving the integrated components—as well as reduce the complexity of testing in today’s distributed, heterogeneous environments.

"In most cases, organizations do not have the capability to create and execute end-to-end tests. And the extended test scenarios they do create are traditionally brittle, with a limited life span," says Raj Mukhi, Software Catalysts’s lead manager for the project. "Software Catalysts’s latest release allows organizations to very easily create, execute and maintain end-to-end test suites that can be initiated from rich user interfaces, through the logic in the message layer, through the implementation component, to the database (or mainframe) and back, validating the entire business process." Software Catalysts’s independent testing solutions involve rigorous verification and validation methodologies that reduce defects in every stage of the SDLC.


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