MSI Unveils Windows 8 Certified Intel 6/7 series mainboards

The 1st mainboard manufacturer to successfully run 3DMark for Windows 8


MSI announced today that their Intel 6/7 series mainboards have officially acquired Windows 8 certification from Microsoft. During the Computex exhibition this year, MSI already lead the Windows 8 market by displaying several mainboards that meet the Windows 8 certification requirements and showing off various new Windows 8 features live for the exhibition audience.


Not only did the MSI mainboards get officially certified from Microsoft, they are currently the only leading mainboard brand that runs 3DMark for Windows 8 successfully on their certified mainboards, which proves that MSI is fully ready for Windows 8 in terms of both software and hardware, safeguarding the Windows 8 system’s stability and compatibility for consumers and providing the best user experience!




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