“A Family Matters” iPhone application has been selected by Apple for inclusion on the App Store “What’s Hot” list.

Weiner Family Studios announces "A Family Matters" iPhone application
has been selected by Apple for inclusion on the App Store "What’s Hot"
list. It has shot up the charts and is currently ranked #3 Top Paid
Travel Application in the US and continues to climb.

This family-oriented app is unique in that it emphasizes family
communication over traditional video games that "keep children busy".
According to the Developer, Scott Weiner, "We created an App that
provides rich conversation starters in the form of open-ended questions
and activities so you can engage your children more effectively."

This is a true mobile application that take advantage of the iPod
Touch or iPhone to provide venue-specific activities. This means
whether you are in a restaurant or on an airplane, "A Family Matters"
has specific activities and questions to entertain, educate and help
you learn more about each other.

An example question you might discuss in the Doctor’s office is "Why
should we wash our hands?" An example of an activity in a Restaurant
might be "Write a thank you note to your server".

Jason Scott, developer of another popular iPhone app, Sunday Drive,
says "We’ve used [A Family Matters] for the Dr. Office and a road trip
with my son Sebastian, 4. [His] enthusiasm for conversation is through
the roof. Cheers to a true family bonding creation… Seriously smart
app, I love it."

Mr. Weiner says "We believe this apps’ popularity demonstrates that
parents are looking for more from their mobile devices. They don’t just
want video games to babysit their children all the time. I love video
games but I love my children more and anything that helps me improve
the quality of our busy lives is great. We are thrilled so many others
are finding value in it too."

Feature Hilights:
* Current venues include Restaurant, Road Trip, Dr. Office,
Airport/Airplane, General for other situations. Many more planned for
future upgrades
* Almost a thousand questions and activities for your family to explore
* Store your favorites to revisit any time
* Create your own activities and store them – kids love this feature and come up with some great ones.
* Twitter or email questions you think others will enjoy
* Parenting tips on communication and usage of the application are included and updated with each new version

Minimum Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone or iPod touch (2nd Generation)
* OS 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
A Family Matters 1.10 is only $1.99 (USD) and available now worldwide
exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. Promo Codes
are available upon request to media.

About Weiner Family Studios:

Weiner Family Studios was created so we could focus our family on
creating family-oriented products that we enjoy. Now we can give back

About Family Matters:
We built this application to help us parent more effectively. We were
tired of family dinners where the conversation consisted of "How was
your day?"… "fine".

What Family Matters ™ gives you is a set of questions and
activities designed to help you communicate more effectively with your
children. We found it leads to more and deeper conversations with our
kids and we think it could do the same for you. Unlike other
applications that quiz or provide facts, this tool is venue-driven.
This means the activities are geared toward your location. We currently
cover common places you may engage in conversation or need to pass the
time such as restaurants, waiting rooms or on long road trips. Of
course there is a general category for use around the dinner table or
practically anywhere you have a few minutes to spend together.


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