Norton Makes Windows 8 Safer and Faster

Norton Makes Windows 8 Safer and Faster

New, free Windows 8 apps help consumers manage security and scan their files stored in the cloud, on their PC or external storage devices. Norton by Symantec announced today that its award-winning consumer security products Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton AntiVirus are fully compatible with the newly released Windows 8 operating system[1]. The latest releases are optimized to make Windows 8 safer and faster compared with running Windows Defender on Windows 8.

Norton Studio

  • Companion app to Norton 360, Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus that enables consumers to manage, fix, update or renew Norton protection for their devices from within the new Windows 8 user interface
  • Shows users at a glance the security status of their PCs and other devices
  • Seamlessly integrates with Windows 8 for easy, one-click access from the new user interface desktop

“With the release of Windows 8 it’s important to recognize that consumers still need a comprehensive security solution – not just basic antivirus,” said Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President for IDC’s Security Products and Services group. “The types of threats most prevalent today are very sophisticated, complex and use social engineering to prey on consumer habits, so it’s crucial that security solutions not only address the current threat landscape, but also the latest trends in technology. By providing a more secure environment and optimized performance for Windows 8, Norton is improving and simplifying the user experience for consumers adopting this new platform.”

According to third-party testing, when paired with Norton, Windows 8 is 50 percent faster and 20 percent safer than with Windows Defender. In addition, testing showed that Norton was able to correctly detect and block all the threats that Windows Defender failed to recognize. For more commentary on Windows 8 security, please visit the Norton Protection Blog.


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