Transcend launches Wi-Fi SD memory card

Transcend launches Wi-Fi SD memory card

Transcend has launched Wi-Fi SD memory card, i.e; integrated wireless capability SD memory card for digital cameras. One will have to use Wi-Fi networks and a Wi-Fi SD application for transferring images from their digital cameras to other devices like laptops and Smartphone’s. Transcend new Wi-Fi SD memory card has 2 modes, one is Direct Share Mode and the other one is Internet Mode.



Direct Share Mode is for transferring images from camera to laptops and Smartphone’s via peer-to-peer connection in cases one doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network around.

Internet Mode is for connecting to Wi-Fi networks and even hotspots created by Smartphone’s. Once connected in this mode a user can browse and download photos from the Card using the Wi-Fi SD App. A user can even share their photos via email and social networking sites form their phones.

Wi-Fi SD App is available for iOS and Android platforms, a user can download it form iTunes and Google Play store respectively. Other than this a user can use their laptop and PC for accessing the data on the Card through an UI which can be opened in any browser these days. Transcend Wi-Fi SD memory card is available in different storage variants, 16 GB is priced at US $69 and 32 GB is priced at US $99 respectively. This card comes up with enhanced connectivity, so a user won’t have to wait for their high-resolution photos to load on their Smartphone, laptop and computer.


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