Motorola Mobility to quit Indian market

Motorola Mobility to quit Indian market

Motorola Mobility will be quitting Indian market due to global downsizing process. They have shutdown their Motorola Mobility India’s website with a message saying

“We are streamlining our business and support systems, and unfortunately, we’ll no longer have a dedicated website for India.Your local support site will remain open well into the future, and we’ll continue to provide support for our existing products. If you are interested in viewing our current products, you can still do so here.”

If you’ll click on “Here” you will be redirected to Motorola Mobility U.S. website. This step from Motorola seems to be surprising but they had made cleared that they will be streamlining their global operations a couple of months ago. Motorola is planning to reduce their manpower by 30% by quitting all unprofitable markets. Motorola Mobility doesn’t comes under Motorola Solutions as Google had acquired it for $12.5 billion this year.

With this step, India in near future will miss new handsets updates from Motorola here after. However, Motorola has made sure that their service centers won’t shut down in near future but that won’t attract Indians to pick up Motorola phones now.


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