Windows is still dominating operating system over Linux and Mac OS

The Site Market Share, Net Applications, gives us his latest statistics for the month of December 2009 regarding the market shares of different operating systems used by the Internet.

For the month of December 2009, figures from more than 40,000 websites are once again without a call, the operating system Microsoft Windows still dominates the market outrageously, with more than 92% market share.

December 2009:
Windows: 92.21% market share (against 93.90% in December 2008)
Mac: 5.11% (4.45%)
Linux: 1.02% (0.98%)
Java ME: 0.53%
iPhone: 0.44% (0.18%)
Symbian: 0.23% (0.01%)
iPod Touch: 0.09% (0.03%)
Windows Mobile: 0.06% (0.05%)
Android: 0.05%

Compared to last year, its clear that the Windows operating system dominates the market unabated with very low down in favor of its two main competitors that are Mac OS X and Linux, but are located light years in terms of market share, with less than 6% of the market between them. Note also the presence of mobile systems such as Android or Iphone OS departing, while Windows Mobile is stagnating.


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