BenQ launches high performance Gaming Monitor XL2420TX with 3D Glasses for superior game play

BenQ launches high performance Gaming Monitor XL2420TX with 3D Glasses for superior game play

Embedded 3D Emitter and 3D glass; 24”W, Black eQualizer, S Switch with FPS Mode and Smart Scaling


BenQ, a leading market player in technology innovation and design proficiency today announced the launch of XL2420TX, its flagship gaming monitors for professional and competitive FPS (First-Person Shooting) game today. The XL Series models are co-developed by core product developers and masterminds of gaming gears.


“Gaming has always been one of the core product focus for BenQ, with the XL2420T gaming monitor launch turning into a grand success earlier this year we are now introducing its successor model XL2420TX, our BenQ R&D team have utilized their expertise in the display product field to recreate each feature and function required by gamer, and transforming them into powerful gaming tools to give professional gamers a competitive edge with features like the Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode, Display Mode, Smart Scaling. Through the XL2420TX we demonstrate BenQ’s true belief that gaming is in the details.” said, Rajeev Singh, Country Head & General Manager, BenQ India.



Features Highlights:

  • 12M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ration
  • 120Hz, 24″W, 3D LED Monitor
  • Comes with NVIDIA 3G glasses and embedded IR emitter.  
  • NVIDIA 3D vision 2 – Light Boost technology
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution; Display Mode – 17″ to 24″
  • Trademark Senseye Technology
  • Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode, Display Mode, Smart Scaling and 2ms GTG


XL2420TX augments your gaming experience like never before with industry beating exclusive features like:


NVIDIA 3D Glasses
Open your eyes to the fantastical world of 3D visualization and let your imagination work for you! This comes with 3D Glasses which can take you to imagination of magic.  Just put on your BenQ 3D goggles, throw in the 3D content and get the show ready for the road!


Inbuilt 3D Emitter
XL2420TX comes with in-built 3D emitter; it combines design with functionality taking the gaming experience one step further with multiple 3D technology support making it a future proof masterpiece.


HDMI 1.4 a compatibility
HDMI 1.4a allows you to enjoy 3D entertainment from any source. Featuring an integrated Ethernet channel, dual-stream 1080p 3D it allows you plug n play convenience for Full HD   
o   resolutions
o   Specially Designed S Switch for Swift Control and Navigation: The XL2420TX comes with a stylish S Switch. This distinct remote controller comes with three preset buttons so you’re able to customize and save your display settings for gaming, work or entertainment purposes.


The All New Black eQualizer:
The Black eQualizer color engine technology is designed to offer an unprecedented level of control and visibility.


120Hz Refresh Rate Ensures Seamless Graphics:
With a refresh rate of 120Hz, there’s never a lag and every in-game details will be smoothly rendered. Drawing on hyper-speed video processing technology, the XL2420TX gives on screen action and captivating realism. To accommodate individual viewing preferences and requirements, the Display Mode & Smart Scaling – it allows gamers to interchange between monitor screen sizes from 17″ (4:3), 19″ (4:3), 19″W (16:10), 21.5″W (16:9), 22″W (16:10), 23W”(16:9) to 24W” (16:9), as the Smart Scaling feature gives them the freedom to manually scale the screen to any custom size


Game Mode Loader:
It is an online platform that stores gaming presets used by not only pro gamers but also gaming legends such as HeatoN and SpawN. Users can install these exclusive presets and leverage them to their advantage. They can also take the extra step to save them onto the S Switch for quick access


A true testament to the belief of “Gaming Is in the Details”, the XL2420TX is also a great choice for extreme entertainment. It is certified as NVIDIA® 3D Vision 2-ready with light boost technology  to provide gamers Full-HD 3D gaming and entertainment experiences like never before.


Dressed in premium black housing and intricate red detailing, the XL2420TX is not only designed with durability, sturdiness and functionality in mind, the stylish look also earned itself several international design awards: the reddot design award 2011, the G-Mark Good Design Award 2011, and iF product design award 2012.


The new XL2420TX Series is available at a price of Rs. 31000/- across India. For more information, please visit


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