Social networks and their games are affecting many company’s as well as employee’s productivity

Free games offered by social networks such as Facebook would undermine productivity with many employees indulged in during working hours.

The figures speak for themselves and just look around to see that many users have succumbed to the appeal of community networks such as MySpace and Facebook, some did not hesitate to log in from their computer or mobile phone during working hours to keep their profiles updated and follow the news of their contacts.

But what worries most companies right now, these are free games that abound on these platforms community. Their free, ease of use and ability to play several asynchronously (not necessarily at the same time then) they are faced with some success. In turn, Facebook speaks of 20% of members playing for applications that are proposed.

With a loss of productivity already amounted to 1.5% by the firm Nucleus Research study and significant enthusiasm for this type of applications that monopolize much longer than reading an e-mail or writing a comment on a profile, companies fear an even greater impact on productivity.

If employees can see a moment of respite in the same way as a coffee or a cigarette break before resuming their duties in a more relaxed, and it is rare that a filter is applied to block access social networks.


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