Epson Launches 6 New Projectors

Epson Launches 6 New Projectors

Epson, the World and India’s No. 1 projector maker announced the launch of 6 new projectors targeted at Home, Education and Business segment. New short throw, interactive and 3D projectors were introduced, each with its own set of market-leading capabilities and features that are engineered to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of users.

The Projectors launched are:

  • The EB-421i/431i/426Wi/436Wi: The newly launched EB series projectors with Epson 3LCD technology offer brighter and brilliant image quality with powerful interactive functions.
  • The new EH-TW550: The Epson EH-TW550 is a highly affordable 3D home theatre projector that delivers quality entertainment and an immersive gaming experience featuring 720P HD.
  • The EB-W16SK: Epson’s first 3D projector for educational and business users – The EB-W16SK is a passive 3D model composed of two stacked projectors.

The price of EB-421i is Rs. 64,699, EB-431i- Rs. 86,799, EB-426Wi – Rs76,299, EB-436Wi – Rs 101,299, EH-TW550 – Rs. 54,299

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Harish A.K, Business Head – Visual Instrument at Epson India said, “The new projectors launched today for the Home, Business and Education segments have been designed taking performance, innovation and functionality as the three key parameters for a wide range of end consumers.” “The new EH–TW550 takes affordable 3D home theatre viewing to a completely different level. Epson has consciously introduced a new model at a very affordable price point in a bid to get more consumers to experience the joy of big screen viewing at home.” he further added. “With the abundantly available 3D content online, currently the demand for business and education 3D projectors are increasing both in the boardrooms and classrooms.” “The new EB-W series projectors meanwhile are loaded with interactive capabilities at t very affordable price & are also ideal for boardrooms & classrooms.” The EB-W16SK is being launched to target this segment says, Mr. Harish A.K, Business Head – Visual Instrument at Epson India.

All the new Epson projectors launched are designed for user convenience and are compliant with industry standards: The 3D models are able to support all 3D formats without the need for additional hardware, unlike “3D Ready” projectors that require a separate format converter to play content in 3D formats used by Blu-Ray players or 3D TV broadcasts. In addition, Epson’s new active 3D models use radio frequency based 3D glasses that comply with the new “Full HD 3D Glasses” industry standard.(

Product Details :

3D Education / Business Projectors

The EB-W16SK is the company’s first 3D projector meant for education or business users, and offers them a choice of either active or passive 3D technologies, along with their related advantages. The EB-W16SK is a passive 3D setup using two stacked projectors that offers brighter 3D images, and uses affordable, non-powered, polarized 3D glasses that do not need batteries.

Interactive Projectors

The new EB-421i/431i/426Wi/436Wi are the models that enhance the Epson’s market leading range of projector portfolio with integrated interactive technology. The new EB-421i, 431i, 426Wi and 436Wi projectors enable maximum interactivity with minimal requirements and can be annotated without a PC connection. This projector offers users who want integrated interactive capabilities a more affordable solution as compared to Epson’s ultra-short throw models.

The Epson EB- 421i, 431i, 426Wi and 436Wi series are also packed with many other features that are engineered specially for businesses:

  • Ability to be used as an interactive whiteboard without the need of an attached PC.
  • Flexible positioning that allows the user to mount the projector on a wall or set on a desktop  and is effective on any surface, be it a flat wall, a whiteboard or even a chalkboard
  • Dual-pen capability that allows two users to write / draw on the projection simultaneously.
  • Epson easy interactive tools such as Integration with MS PowerPoint, Multitask in White Board Mode

3D Home Theatre Projector

Epson has revamped its existing 3D home theatre range with this new model that offer consumers an ideal choice whatever their needs or budgets may be. Epson EH-TW550 is a highly affordable 3D home theatre projector. It provides excellent value for budget conscious buyers as it is packed with many useful features that include a 720P HD resolution, and a convenient horizontal keystone correction slider that allows users to quickly correct distortions when the projector is placed off centre to the screen.  


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