Integral SSD 1TB in credit card format Launched

Integral SSD 1TB in credit card format Launched

Integral Memory manufacturer, specializing in flash memory, announced the launch of an ultra compact external SSD with capacity of upto 1TB.

In a market of external storage which leaves very little room for innovation, Integral Memory has decided not to engage in a race but to illustrate performance with a unique format. Its new product is actually three times smaller than a conventional external hard drive, while offering comparable capabilities.

The “SSD USB 3.0 portable” actually measures 93 x 53 x 8 mm to 41g. Compared to credit card it measures 86 x 54 mm, which is an external hard disk to the 2.5-inch form factor as the latest Western Digital comes with 110 x 82 x 13 mm, a volume three times larger.


It has 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or even 1 TB of flash memory (without elaborating on the nature of the chips) and claims honorable transfer rates of 230 MB/s sequential read and 140 MB/s sequential write. It is based on a USB 3.0 connection.

Naturally, Integral USB 3.0 SSD is significantly more expensive than an external hard drive: 1TB model is available now for the tidy sum of 1500 euros. This is more than ten times as much as an external hard drive can cost of the same capacity. The prices of other models is not provided.


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