Google Chrome 28 beta launched with rich notifications

Google Chrome 28 beta launched with rich notifications

A few days after the final published version 27 of its Chrome browser, Google has deployed a new beta edition for Windows users.

The Chrome browser is enriched from version to version and after the introduction of audio alerts, now comes the integration of a device notifications that is available via the latest version deployed on the beta channel. The browser is becoming more tunes of Chrome OS.

The user will be able to configure the notifications they wish to receive. Google offers to activate the alerts sent by Gmail services, Google Calendar or Google Drive. Upon receipt of a new email the user will be able to reply directly to the message or call the sender if it uses a Google account.


Tools are available for developers to insert rich notifications directly in their applications for the Chrome browser. The New York Times, Spotify RSS Feed Reader or HootSuite are also compatible. Incidentally, these alerts will appear on the screen even when Chrome is not in the foreground (or is minimized).

Google says that this feature will soon be focused on OS X.

Download Google Chrome Beta from here –


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