Microsoft introduces two new Sculpt mice with dedicated Windows 8 button

Microsoft continues to expand its range of devices optimized for Windows 8, by launching two wireless mouse with a Start Screen button.

The two new mouse is called Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse, and even if they work with any version of Windows, it is primarily focused more with Windows 8: indeed, since these two  mice feature a button for a direct return to the Smart Screen operating system.

The difference between the two models, in addition to price, is their recommended use. As its name suggests, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse is primarily intended for mobile use with a laptop or a tablet: it has a Blue Track sensor that allows it to run on most surfaces, up to 2400 dpi – three buttons and a scroll wheel to four axes. Its wireless connectivity allows it to operate at a distance of 5 meters from the sensor, and it works with two AA batteries with a battery life of up to 11 months.


The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is itself a little bigger and intended more for desktop use, although it is also equipped with a Blue Track sensor, which goes this time up to 8000 dpi. It has six buttons and works with a Bluetooth wireless connection – a dongle is provided – allowing it to operate in a radius of 10 meters from the machine to which it is connected. It also works with two AA batteries, but a little smaller than the previous model range.


For now, these two mice are available only in the USA, the respective prices of 30 and 40 dollars.


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