Google adds Google Wallet to Chrome Browser

Google adds Google Wallet to Chrome Browser

Google is working on the integration of its electronic payment system within Chrome browser.

Google wants to turn its Chrome browser into a real web application platform. To this end, the Mountain View company also intends to graft an economic model. So within the Chromium source code, developers are working on the integration of micro-payments.

In its vision of the web, it seems that Google wants to replicate especially the popular freemium model on mobile. Thus, web developers should be able to offer free applications with the ability to unlock certain features.



Francis Beaufort, French developer who recently joined Google, says that the programming interfaces of Google Wallet has been integrated within an experimental version deployed on the distribution channel Canary. When this feature is embedded within the stable version of the browser, the Chrome Web Store directory should accommodate applications that offer integrated shopping. One imagines that, like the ecosystem of Android, Google will pocket a commission on each transaction.

Recall that Mozilla reflects on similar projects. In April, the Foundation introduced a new online payment system called navigator.mozPay () developed in JavaScript. This will be first implementation in Firefox browser.


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