Download Shadow Warrior Classic game for free from Steam

Download Shadow Warrior Classic game for free from Steam

Designed by the same team of Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior Classic is now available free on the Steam platform for the upcoming release of a remake of the FPS in HD.

A few days it was reported that the development studio Flying Wild Hog is preparing a remake of Shadow Warrior. This FPS, originally released in 1997 and developed by 3D Realms studio, uses the same graphics engine like the famous Duke Nukem 3D.

However, this game immerses us in a medieval Japan to a very bloody atmosphere. The hero also releases a few punch lines at some kills, giving it a badass character, without reaching the charisma of Duke.



To celebrate the upcoming arrival of a version of Shadow Warrior in High Definition on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Steam platform gives the Shadow Warrior Classic game for free download to gamers all around the world.

This is an opportunity to (re) delve into this very good shooting game in first person, whether you’re on a PC or Mac. Technical specifications to run the game are available on the dedicated page on Steam here.


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