HTC One Google Edition announced at $599

HTC One Google Edition announced at $599

On the occasion of the D11 Conference, the head of Android development Sundar Pichai announced that HTC One Google Edition Smartphone will be available from 26 June.

HTC One will be available in the United States on June 26 in a so-called “stock” version, that is to say with a version of Android without overlay software. The device will be available on the Google Play store together with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will benefit for the occasion.

Available since early April , the HTC One is normally offered with its Sense overlay software, like all Android smartphones of the company. But this special edition announced will have a “pure” version of Android, like the one Google offers on its Nexus range. However, this HTC One “Google Edition” might remain exclusive in the U.S., similarly like the Galaxy S4 official at the Google I/O conference.

This new version of HTC One will be available for $599, which is cheaper than the Galaxy S4 that will come at a price tag of 650 dollars.



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