The Last of Us Game Multiplayer Pictures Revealed

The Last of Us Game Multiplayer Pictures Revealed

Sony offers us to better understand the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us game with a series of in-game pictures and some explanations of game modes.

Scheduled to land in a few days on PS3, The Last of Us is the title of the next studio Naughty Dog (already behind the Uncharted series).

In addition to excerpts from the demo recently released in our columns, Sony tells us more about the multiplayer mode of the game. This game allows you to integrate a clan of survivors, Hunters or Fireflies, and Two game modes are planned: Supply Raid and Survivors.

In the first mode, the two clans of four survivors will fight to death match with a counter of 20 lives to preserve. During the game, it will be possible to craft the following items and weapons, skills of your character. These creations can be stored after each death. Once the counter is made, the game goes into sudden death.

The second method uses the principle of the rule below, except that death is permanent.  The Last of Us will be released on June 14, 2013 in Europe, exclusively on PlayStation 3.




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